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Hi and welcome to my website. Thank you for stopping by. If you like what you see please let me know by sending me a personal email at k0lsr@ts-850resource.net to let me know. I really will appreciate it!

In late 1990, Kenwood introduced the TS-850S amateur radio transceiver. This rig was described as a competition grade HF transceiver and it certainly lived up to that promise. In my opinion, the 850S is the best analog rig ever produced and it can hold its own even when compared to modern transceivers. It was produced during Kenwood's finest hour.

Of course, as with any rig, the 850 has its issues. As this model grows older, parts are more prone to failure and of course, replacement parts have become harder to find. One of the best features of the 850 is that it is almost entirely modular. Boards and major components can simply be unplugged and replaced. Although the 850 does have many surface mount components, there are also a good number of larger parts that can be easily replaced by most hams.

When I needed a replacement part, I naturally turned to online sources such as QRZ and ebay. I noticed how many 850 rigs met their final fate by being parted out. Since a lot of the fun of ham radio is the repair and maintenance of equipment I decided to start a long-term project of re-assembling a working 850 by obtaining parts online. Of course, I realize that the cost will probably be well above just buying a working rig but I'm having a great time hunting for the parts that i need and am learning a lot about the construction and operation of the 850. I will be featuring my reconstruction project here on this website.

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My Ham Radio History

My interest in radio began when I was just a kid. I can remember sitting up late at night in bed with an old AM radio that nobody else used, making a list of all of the stations that I could hear and being frustrated with commercials and that darned music. I wanted to hear the station ID and location! I was just amazed by all things radio. A couple of years later I saved up some money and bought the cheapest scanner that I could find and began to listen to police and fire calls as well as the local ham repeater. Now I was hooked.

My Novice License

A few years later I found a local ham operator, William Hoffman - WD0DXK. He helped me learn Novice theory and code and then gave me the exam. It was an exciting day when I received my first call - KA0IKW. He loaned me an old Heath DX-40 transmitter and away I went. After my first contact there was no stopping me and throughout the years, I moved up through the license classes; Tech, Tech plus, General and finally Extra Class. I received a new callsign - K0LSR. I am a fan of Kenwood rigs and especially enjoy the older models like the TS-140, TS-450 and of course my favourite, the TS-850S!